Highrises in San Antonio

Travis Reed - May 6, 2021
When considering a place to live in San Antonio, many are considering the condo lifestyle and when you think of a condo many people look to the highrises that we have to offer.
Highrise condos is not just another place to live, it is also a new way of life. It’s not like living in a home with a yard that you have to take care of or structural maintenance that you may have to do. When you live in a highrise all of this is taken care of for you. You never have to worry about replacing a roof, mowing the yard, or worry about a broken pipe. The established HOA is there to monitor and take care of.
Unlike regular condos, most highrises you also have the added benefit of a front desk concierge. This give you the added luxury of having extra security as they control who comes in and out of the building. They are also there to assist with you needs. Such as accepting and delivering packages (pending building) and arranging any maintenance needs.
For those who travel for pleasure, work or call San Antonio a second city then our highrises offer an ideal option. Imagine relaxing on a vacation for 2 weeks and not having to worry about what is happening at home and people taking your packages. When you come home, every is as you left it and someone is there waiting to give you anything that was delivered. This is the luxury that you have when living in a highrise.
Perhaps the most important aspect that everyone thinks when being in a tall building is of course the view. San Antonio is a beautiful city by both day and night so why not enjoy it. Each building offers units that give you different vantage points so it would all depend which is best for you. With options that range from the Alteza over 30 floors up to the Vidorra offering panoramic views.

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