The River Walk

Travis Reed - May 6, 2021
Outside of the Alamo, one of the main attractions that San Antonio is known for is the River Walk. Each year thousands of people come into the city and experience all the river walk has to offer. The river walk sits one story below the street in the heart of downtown and it showcases bars, shops and restaurants. Each year it also is the center point of many events including, Fiesta River Parade, St. Patrick’s Day parade, The Mud Festival, Tree lighting celebration for Christmas and many more.
While the River Walk does flow through downtown, it has also been constructed to make a full loop through mid-downtown San Antonio between College St. and East Nueva and extends as far east as the Convention Center and Grant Hyatt Hotel. Each January we have what is called the Mud Festival. As part of the river maintenance and cleaning, the city closes off the dams and drains the water from these portions of the river. As a result, the Mud Festival was born and thousands come to participate in their events. 
When it comes to the demographic, it is not only people who are “out-of-towners” that visit but also locals from all over the city. A lot of locals enjoy the unique restaurants that the river walk offers. From Boudro’s incredible guacamole to fine dining at Biga on the Banks or enjoying a nice steak at Ruth Chris. Whether it is Italian, Mexican, Urban, or Steak house you can find the style you enjoy on the river.
The night life has also been a major part of downtown. After all the shops have closed and people finish their diners you start seeing the street come alive with people who enjoy the entertainment of downtown. The River Walk hosts a number of local bars and taverns that offers an atmosphere which many people enjoy. Howl at the moon showcases drinks and live bands and new age piano. Also plays host too many parties and other events. Just off the river, Pat Obrien’s brings that Bourbon Street feel with a San Antonio twist. The Esquire Tavern on the river is the oldest bar on the River Walk with the longest wooden bar top in Texas. Here you can enjoy the old fashion style of a tavern and sit out and overlook the river.
In 2009, San Antonio opened a new extension of the river walk which is called the Museum Reach. This extension brought the river to the San Antonio Museum of Art and finishing at the New Pearl Brewery Development. In 2011 San Antonio also extended the river walk further south which is called the Mission Reach. These developments not only help in modernizing the river walk but also helped in the large commercial demand that it has brought our great city.
Having it brought up to the Pearl Brewery Market has been one of my personal joys. Not only do I enjoy having the river as I tour the shops and nightlife. It is also nice to walk down during the day and see the beauty that it brings our city. From the landscape to the artwork of the hanging fish under IH-35. When driving downtown you see all that is developing on the river. From commercial and entertainment to the high demand of residential. This really shows how well our city is doing and that there are big things for the future.

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